Montag, 25. Dezember 2017

How to build a test laboratory

Three months of planning, purchasing and construction ...
Here is the story:
First I needed new toys ...

 What is in the package???? Here you see it:

 Next: Buying the beams for the frame ...

 ... and of course I needed a magnetic drill. Maximum diameter: 35 mm!

Building the workplace ...
Thanx, Anika and Jacob
Finally, after long days and nights of sawing, grinding, drilling, building: Voila.

And just in time came the cylinder:

 and the Company W.A. Richter & Söhne taylormade the attachments for this and for the new scale ...
Thank you very much!!!
If anybody needs a very special part ... go to them.
 A hall, packed with LOTS of toys ...

 The senior boss himself did the finishing ...
 Here I carry my babies home
 M 64 thread
M 45 thread

 Ready for the first test:

The next task was to dismantle and carry into my laboratory.
 Thanx, Laurin and Hugin

Now, at Xmas time, it is almost finished.

Here is a test of the bolts I used for my frame.
Thanx for all helpers!

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